About Dentists' Provident

We are the market leading provider of income protection insurance to dentists, and have supported dentists in the UK and Ireland for over a hundred years. As we are specialists, our members benefit from our in-depth experience of developing the most appropriate solution at every stage of their personal and professional lives. Our members also benefit from our innovative and ethical approach to claims, and personal customer service.

We are a mutual organisation with no shareholders, we exist solely for the benefit of our 13,500 members. As a member, you also share in any of our financial surpluses, with a bonus account available when you retire.

Being a mutual

Mutual organisations are different from limited companies. As they do not have external shareholders, they use their financial surplus of funds for the benefit of their members. They do this by giving their members bonuses, or reducing the cost of their products.

Friendly Societies are mutual organisations owned by their members. A few Friendly Societies (including us) have a unique contract called the Holloway contract (there are only nine in existence), that combine the income protection with an investment fund for retirement. This fund is currently exempt from income tax and capital gains tax in the UK.




If you have any questions please contact our company secretary Simon Elliott on 020 7400 5700.


About Dentists' Provident

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