Our strategy

We are a Holloway income protection insurance specialist, distributing directly and through intermediaries within the UK and Irish dental markets. Our objective is to provide our members with comprehensive, tailored solutions, which will meet their needs throughout their lives. We believe that our product provides a compelling alternative to the homogenised, high volume, low cost options offered more generally. Forming partnerships with our members spanning decades, based on flexibility and choice, backed by exceptional service levels, has allowed us to deliver value and sustainable returns over the long term.

Our business model is centred on our members. We give our members the choice to create a highly customised product, which offers the flexibility to remain fit for purpose over a career that may last 50 years. From the moment dentists choose to become a member, through to claiming and beyond, we treat each step as an opportunity to offer them extraordinary service and ethical, honest and fair outcomes.


Our flexible offering is supported by a multi-channel distribution system, to make it easier for dentists to purchase our offering and to engage with us. Our offering is accessible through the web, telephone and also through independent financial advisors.

Our people

Our people are key to ensuring the successful delivery of our core objectives. Each employee fulfils a vital role in ensuring that we successfully meet our members’ needs, which ultimately helps drive our long term performance and success.


We have built up an unparalleled insight into our core market over the years. This has given us the knowledge and skill to price and manage risks intelligently and creatively. Our underwriters are given significant latitude within a robust control framework, so that we can provide our members with the optimal terms wherever possible.


We do not compete within our market on price. The true value of our proposition lies in our ability to deliver the right outcomes for our members when it matters most. Nowhere is this more apparent than on a claim. We understand the emotional and financial strain of illness or injury and we actively engage with our members in an open, honest and empathetic manner and seek to settle claims quickly and without undue fuss.

Long term investment

In addition to providing income protection insurance, the other strand of our business is the long term returns we provide our members. We manage our finances prudently and efficiently, to maximise the long terms returns, at the same time as maintaining risks within acceptable limits.

This means that we ensure that we exercise budgetary control over our expenditure and manage our investments in a way that produces attractive but sustainable long term returns. We also actively seek to protect our members’ capital by holding assets in excess of our liabilities, to absorb the effects of any adverse experiences.


If you have any questions please contact our company secretary Simon Elliott on 020 7400 5700.


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