Case studies

Professor Mark Woolford - Associate Dean (Education), King's College London Dental Institute

Mark says...

“When you are young, you never think about protecting yourself. But nine months after graduating I was involved in an accident (at Le Mans!) and had to take 11 weeks off work. Without any support that would have been very difficult. The best thing I did was to get covered in my final year at dental school, my mates thought I was daft at the time, but you never know when life may go pear-shaped.”

Peter Dunn - Director and Senior Financial Planner at Heritage Financial Advisers

"Have you incorporated your practice?" Peter asks...

“Many dentists pay themselves a small salary and draw dividends. This strategy is great for keeping down tax bills, but it means there are little earnings on paper to support the dentist's income protection cover. So if a dentist falls ill, most providers will not pay out more than 60% to 75% of their salary plus dividends. Therefore, an incorporated dentist previously taxed as a sole trader, with annual profits of £120,000 and income protection cover of £72,000 per year, could find that his insurer would only pay out £24,000 per year in the event of a claim. Dentists’ Provident are the only income protection provider who take a sensible position in this area.”

Jim - a member of Dentists' Provident since 1969

Jim thought he’d got towards the end of his career unscathed until, out cycling one Sunday in October 1999 he was knocked off his bike. He spent four months in hospital, paralysed from the neck down, and had to claim for nine years. The accident contributed to him being forced into early retirement. Jim retired six years ago and continued as a member. The good news is that he is back on his bike. Jim’s advice to any young dentist is...

“I would like to convey to any young practitioner the importance of thinking ahead, and the advantages of joining Dentists' Provident. I was lucky enough to see a letter in the BDJ in those far off days in the sixties commending membership of Dentists’ Provident. I followed this advice and was fortunate never to have to make a claim until late in my career when I had my near fatal bicycle accident, followed by serious health problems involving abdominal vascular surgery. This caused me to have to relinquish my dental practice, and I was grateful for the support of Dentists’ Provident throughout this period. Everyone hopes never to have to have recourse to insurance, but life is full of unforeseeable and sometimes very unpleasant surprises. It is reassuring to enjoy the security of membership and to use the current phraseology, it is a 'no brainer'!”

Lucy - a 26 year old Dentists' Provident member

Lucy had just secured her first job in practice after finishing her dental foundation year...

Throughout dental school and her foundation year Lucy had been advised to become a member of Dentists’ Provident, but like most young people she had never expected to be claiming from us so early on in her career. “I was settling into my new practice job. I enjoyed the place, the people. As far as I was aware I was fit and healthy and enjoying life. Gradually I started to feel very run down and I went to my GP. I was quickly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and the next thing I knew I was in hospital for over a month. In total I was off work and out of practice for nine weeks and the £5,000 financial support I received from Dentists’ Provident was invaluable as I wasn’t earning any income. It was a real worry and there was a time I wondered if I would ever feel myself again. Fortunately I’m now back at work happy and healthy, but it makes me realise just how important having the right support in place is, just in case.”


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