IFA registration

Our plans are based on a Holloway income protection contract. They may be sold by CF30 advisers from a firm that has permission to advise on investment products. Advisers are exempt from higher level qualification requirements only if they solely advising on exempt contracts. 

Please request a registration form and our terms of business from member services by e-mailing memberservices@dentistsprovident.co.uk

Our commission rates 

For our dentists’ income protection plan, we pay commission at the rate of 150% of the annualised undiscounted premiums at the start of the plan for business submitted online. For paper applications, we pay commission on the same basis but at a rate of 100%.

The dental student plan provides a fixed commission of £75/€100.

To learn more about Dentists' Provident go to Why Dentists' Provident?

Did you know?

41% of employees would be prepared to give up a pay rise of between one and three per cent in order to receive income protection from their employer.

Research from Group Risk Development Oct. 2013.


Further information is available for IFAs in our Adviser guide which you can download here.


If you have any questions, please contact our member services consultants by e-mailing memberservices@dentistsprovident.co.uk or calling 020 7400 5710.


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