As our underwriting process is very thorough, we know a lot about your client already. So whenever they need to make a claim, we try and make the process as quick and easy as possible. We are proud of our reputation of fair and ethical claims handling, so if you are uncertain about any aspect of it, just get in contact.

When can members claim?

Your client can contact us to make a claim whenever they cannot work becuase of an illness or injury. They cannot make a claim if they are not working for any other reason, like unemployment or suspension.

What can members claim for?

Your client can claim for the income they lose by not being able to work, becuase of an illness or injury.

Can they claim benefits abroad?

Yes, although how long for depends on where they are when the claim is made. Please remember that your client will need to provide us all the medical and financial information in English.

What will affect a members claim?

If a member continues to earn income during thier claim or receive certain insurance benefits, these can affect how much we can pay. If they receive an ill health pension, this will also reduce the amount of benefits payable.

When can't members claim?

Members cannot claim if they become ill or injured from:

  • Committing a crime
  • Abusing illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Not keeping your recommended immunisations up to date
  • Attempted suicide or deliberate self-harm
  • Procedures or treatments which are cosmetic or elective on your part
  • Anything that has been specified in the additional terms and conditions of their plan

They also cannot make a claim for the normal effects of pregnancy.

How do members make a claim?

Making a claim is easy; you or your client need to contact us as soon as possible after they have an illness or injury. We will then send them a claim form or they can log into our online services to get one. If they need any help completing the claim form, then our claims team is available to answer any questions. Once they have completed the claim form, their doctor will need to fill in the confidential medical certificate at the back of the form and then just return the completed form to us.

There are time limits on how soon your client has to return the claim form. As a general rule, we should receive it within four weeks from when they expect their benefits to start.

If your claim is valid, they will normally receive their benefit payment directly into their bank account within a few days. In some cases we may need additonal medical or financial information, so it could take a little longer, especially if they have a longer term illness or injury.

Please remember that your client must continue to pay their premiums throughout the claim.

How long are member's benefits paid for?

Normally, your client will receive benefit payments until they:

  • Get better and go back to work
  • Aren't suffering a loss of earnings anymore
  • Cancel their plan or it ends
  • Stop complying with their obligations under our rules
Returning to work

We understand that when members have not worked for a while because of an illness or injury, returning to work can be a gradual process, be it to a new job or the old one. Our plan can help with this, by continuing to pay them part of the benefits during this time, so that they can maintain their standard of living.


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For further information, please read the key features of our dentists’ income protection plan and our rules.


If you have any questions, please contact our claims team by e-mailing or call 020 7400 5730.


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