Taking a career break

If your client wants to take a break from work, and will not need to protectect their income for a while, for example if they are on maternity leave, travelling or in full time postgraduate education, then they can suspend their plan.

Your client can do this up to three times over the life of your plan, for a combined total of 36 months. They won't have to pay any premiums during this time but they will not receive dividends or have any income protection cover either. However, their bonus account will still earn interest and they will continue to enjoy the other rights and benefits of our membership, including access to our online services and the right to vote at members' meetings.

When they are ready to resume their plan, they can do this without having to go through the full application process again.

NB: If your client is planning on going on maternity leave they may find the enclosed leaflet with Brush-Baby offers useful.

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Did you know?

In 2014 nearly a dozen of our members claimed due to complications with pregnancy.


For further information, please read the key features of our dentists’ income protection plan and our rules.


If you have any questions, please contact our member services consultants by e-mailing memberservices@dentistsprovident.co.uk or calling 020 7400 5710 or log into your member account at member login.


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