We are proud of our fair and ethical approach to claims. When you need to claim, we make the process as fast and easy as possible. This page is a quick guide to our claims process. If you don't find the answer to your question here, then please get in touch.

When can I claim?

You can make a claim if you cannot work because you are ill or injured. You cannot make a claim if you can’t work for any other reason, for example if you are suspended from working, or you become unemployed.

However, if you were not working before the start of your claim, you may still be able to claim, but only if you cannot do certain activities of daily living.

What can I claim for?

In simple terms, you can claim for the income you lose by not being able to work, because of an illness or injury.

Can I claim if I am abroad?

Yes, although how long you can claim for depends on where you are when you claim. Please remember that you will need to provide us with your medical and financial information in English.

What will affect my claim amount?

If you continue to earn any income or receive certain insurance benefits during your claim, these can affect how much we can pay you. If you receive an ill health pension, this will also reduce the amount of benefits we can pay.

When can't I claim?

You cannot claim if you become ill or injured from:

  • Committing a crime
  • Abusing illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Not keeping your recommended immunisations up to date
  • Attempted suicide or deliberate self-harm
  • Procedures or treatments which are cosmetic or elective on your part
  • Anything we have specified in the additional terms and conditions of your plan

You also cannot claim for the normal effects of pregnancy.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is easy; you need to contact us as soon as possible after your illness or injury. We will then send you a claim form or you can log into our online services to get one. If you need any help completing the claim form then please speak to a member of our claims team. Once you have completed the claim form, ask your doctor to fill in the confidential medical certificate at the back of the form and then just return the completed form to us. It’s worth checking the form before you return it, to make sure you have answered all of the questions fully.

In addition, we sometimes need a copy of your accounts and tax returns, so to prevent any delays, do check the important notes to see if you have to send these to us.

There are time limits on how soon you need to return the claim form. As a general rule, we should receive it within four weeks from when you expect your benefits to start.

If your claim is valid, you will normally receive your benefit payment directly into your bank account within a few days. In some cases we may need additional medical or financial information, so your claim could take a little longer, especially if you have a longer term illness or injury.

You can get a claim form by logging into our online services section, simply click here.

Please remember that you must continue to pay your premiums throughout your claim.

How long are my benefits paid for?

Normally, you will receive benefit payments until you:

  • Get better and go back to work
  • Aren’t suffering a loss of earnings anymore
  • Cancel your plan or it ends
  • Stop complying with your obligations under our rules
Returning to work

We understand that when you have not worked for a while because of an illness or injury, returning to work can be a gradual process, be it to a new job or your old one. Your plan can help with this, by continuing to pay part of your benefits during this time, so that you can maintain your standard of living.


A dentist's case study

Jim thought he’d got towards the end of his career unscathed until, out cycling one Sunday in October 1999 he was knocked off his bike. He spent four months in hospital, paralysed from the neck down, and had to claim for nine years. The accident contributed to him being forced into early retirement. Jim retired six years ago but continued as a member, the good news is that he is back on his bike. Jim's advice to any young dentist is...

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Did you know?

Over the last six years we’ve had, on average, over 250 new claims a year for musculoskeletal disorders.


For further information, please read the key features of our dentists’ income protection plan and our rules.


If you have any questions, please contact our claims team by e-mailing or call 020 7400 5730.


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