Dental Student Survey results

01 December 2013

Dentists’ Provident conducted a survey in the autumn edition of the BDA’s Launchpad magazine to confirm whether dental students are concerned about the financial impact of illness or injury preventing them from being a dentist.

Nearly a hundred students from dental schools across the country returned the short survey. An overwhelming majority indicated that income protection and professional indemnity were the most important protection products for dentists; coming in way over medical insurance and critical illness cover.

With the higher tuition fees of £9,000 a year and the increasing cost of living, especially while away from home; it was no surprise that over 80% of respondents said they would be willing to pay for some form of insurance to cover the risk of an accident or injury, which would prevent them from finishing their degree.

Also, nearly 65% of the total would be willing to pay more if their tuition fees were covered if they had to retake a year due to illness or injury. Both of these survey findings indicate that dental students are aware of the financial impact of illness and injury  and the financial commitment they have taken on, to follow a career as a dentist.

Nadia Khan a third year student from Cardiff dental school, who was the winner of the first Ipad Mini in the prize draw, said “I was surprised and delighted to win the prize, but also very pleased about learning more about Dentists’ Provident and the support they give dentists if they are off sick.”

Lu Huey Khoo a first year student from Bristol dental school, who was the winner of the second prize draw, added “What a great present, an iPad! As a first year I hadn’t heard of Dentists’ Provident but I think knowing about them is very important for when I’m a dentist, so I’m glad I have now! My parents live in Malaysia and it is costing them a lot of money to send me to university.”

Nadia continued “Income protection is such a good idea when you are practising but it would be great to have some protection for my fees too. Having some support would mean you are not left with debt if anything was to happen to stop you from qualifying”

Kevin Lewis, Dental Director of Dental Protection Ltd, commented “It is refreshing to see how seriously today’s dental students are about such important decisions. Many years of university study is a huge investment in a future career and given the increasing numbers of ways it can be threatened, having the best income protection and professional indemnity set up is essential.”

Dentists’ Provident and Dental Protection sponsor a number of student events throughout the calendar year, and ensure that students are aware of the importance of getting support for themselves with professional indemnity, and protection for their income when they graduate.

This news release is intended for information only. It is not designed to give financial or medical advice, nor is it intended to make any recommendations of the suitability of our plans for a particular individual. Full details of our contract can be found in our rules. Dentists’ Provident Society Limited does not accept liability and responsibility for changes made to this information. Some of the information in this release has been obtained from third parties. While we believe the information to be reliable; we make no representations as to its accuracy and accept no responsibility or liability for any error, omission or inaccuracy in the data supplied by any third party.


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