Students and FDs' case studies

A dental student in their final year

A dental student who had started their final year was hit by a car on a night out. They had very severe head injuries...

After several months in hospital and in recovery, it was decided that the injuries were so severe they could no longer train as a dentist. An exit degree was awarded by the university, but because of their disabilities they can never work as a healthcare worker where manual skills are required.

Lucy - a 26 year old Dentists' Provident member

Lucy had just secured her first job in practice after finishing her dental foundation year...

Throughout dental school and her foundation year Lucy had been advised to become a member of Dentists’ Provident, but like most young people she had never expected to be claiming from us so early on in her career. “I was settling into my new practice job. I enjoyed the place, the people. As far as I was aware I was fit and healthy and enjoying life. Gradually I started to feel very run down and I went to my GP. I was quickly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and the next thing I knew I was in hospital for over a month. In total I was off work and out of practice for nine weeks and the £5,000 financial support I received from Dentists’ Provident was invaluable as I wasn’t earning any income. It was a real worry and there was a time I wondered if I would ever feel myself again. Fortunately I’m now back at work happy and healthy, but it makes me realise just how important having the right support in place is, just in case.”

Professor Mark Woolford - Associate Dean (Education), King's College London Dental Institute

Mark says...

“When you are young, you never think about protecting yourself. But nine months after graduating I was involved in an accident (at Le Mans!) and had to take 11 weeks off work. Without any support that would have been very difficult. The best thing I did was to get covered in my final year at dental school, my mates thought I was daft at the time, but you never know when life may go pear-shaped.”

Martin Haines - Principal and senior adviser, Dental Financial Associates

"We always recommend Dentists' Provident, where possible, as a first line of defence." Martin says...

"Any company that can settle its own claims without reference to a reinsurer has to be a comfort. Dentists’ Provident was formed by dentists, for dentists and over a hundred years on, still provides income protection and savings exclusively to the dental profession and therein, I believe lies the biggest advantage of all. The disruption caused by a dentist taking time off is so great that they usually just don't bother, if they do take time off you can be sure they are very unwell indeed. That is why the dental profession has its own friendly society that is financially strong and totally focused on the needs of a dental surgeon. Last but not least, the day one cover is of a quality second to none, and their claims handling is also, in my opinion, streets ahead of the nearest insurance company. Quality dental specific financial plans should be an absolute priority for every practitioner.”

Did you know?

Our youngest long term claimant was just 28 years old when their claim started


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