Case studies

We have put together some hypothetical case studies based on 2013 premiums for our dentists' income protection plan, to help you to get to know our plan better. All the case studies are based on non-smokers with no exclusions or loadings. Although the case studies are not based on real individuals, the examples of claims are based on real accidents and illnesses affecting our members.

Nilesh Prashant

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Nilesh a 27 year old dentist, and graduated three years ago and completed his Foundation year in Wales. He is now an associate in a mixed practice in Bristol. He joined Dentists’ Provident when he was in his Foundation year. He is self-employed and earns £35,000 pa from the private work he does in the practice. He chose an income protection plan with day one cover; this means he would be paid benefits from his first full day off sick. He chose a level weekly cover of £400 i.e. his benefits stay the same for the entire period of a claim, giving him the maximum cover of 60% of his taxable income from his work and he pays a monthly premium of £39. Nilesh doesn’t have any other income protection insurance products. Last year he was off work for three months with back pain, and we paid him benefits of around £5,000.

Rachel Perkins

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Rachel a 32 year old dentist who qualified in 2004 and got a job last year as an associate in a small residential private practice just outside her home town of Swindon. She has been a member of Dentists’ Provident since her VT year. She earns £60,000 pa and chose the maximum cover for her income of 60% of her taxable income from her work. Her income protection plan has a level cover of £700 a week payable from the first full day of injury or illness. Her monthly premium is £73 and she doesn’t have any other income protection insurance policies. This summer she fractured her hip from a fall on holiday and was paid benefits of over £8,000 for 3 months off work.

Greg Storry

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Greg is a 35 year old dentist and keen mountain biker. On his principal’s recommendation he took out his income protection plan with Dentists’ Provident five years ago, when he started at his current private practice as one of five associates. He is now pleased he listened to her and made the decision to take out a plan as he was paid over £4,000 in benefits this summer, when he fell off his bike and broke his collar bone and was off work for a month. Greg earns £86,600 pa. He also took out his maximum available cover of 60% of his taxable income from his work. As he  was self-employed and had no other cover, he chose level benefits payable from the first full day of his injury or illness. He pays £119 a month for this cover and can receive a benefit of £1,000 a week.

Aisha Kalibri

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Aisha a 38 year old dentist who bought her practice in Manchester city centre from her principal five years ago. She has two young children and is usually rushing between home in the suburbs, two different junior schools and her practice. But the last few years have been different; at the end of last year she went back to work after two years off due to problems with her back and neck, which meant she was in too much pain to work. As she had made sure her income protection cover was up to date, she still received an income to fund her and her family's lifestyle. Aisha has earnings of £86,600 pa and her income protection covers her for the maximum of 60% of her taxable income from her work. She doesn’t have any other income protection insurance policies. Aisha's monthly premiums are £96 for reducing cover* paid from her first day of illness or injury, so she received benefits of over £54,000 over the two years.

*Reducing cover: benefits reduce over time: full rate for the first 26 weeks of accident or illness, 50% for the next 26 weeks and 30% for the rest of the claim.

These case studies are for illustration only and not based on real individuals. They are not designed to provide financial advice, nor are they intended to make any recommendations regarding the suitability of our plans for a particular individual.

All references to taxation are within the context of the UK tax regulations. HM Revenue & Customs rules regarding tax treatment of premiums and benefits in relation to Holloway Contracts and income protection insurance may change in the future. Members resident outside the UK should seek professional tax advice regarding the impact of membership of Dentist’ Provident on their tax affairs.


If you have any questions, please contact our member services consultants by e-mailing or calling 020 7400 5710.


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